We are a power access company. 
Our hardware and software systems transform the ground beneath us into smart, secure, and cost-effective infrastructure for renewable energy access. 


Today’s century-old 
power infrastructure 
leaves people in the dark. 

The power grid as we know it can’t support today’s energy demands or tomorrow’s innovations, such as IoT, solar power, electric vehicles, smart cities and more.  


The failing power system is creating wildfires in drought areas, contributing to dangerous living conditions during blackouts, and costing taxpayers thousands of dollars every year.

The Uncharted System is a paver solution for smart and sustainable infrastructure development.


The system can be installed for all ground
uses - from sidewalks to roads and highways. 


Once installed, the Uncharted System creates a resilient, upgradable, and cost-effective "Internet for Decentralized Energy" by connecting energy sources and applications like sensors, edge devices, and ICT hardware right under our feet. 

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