Building Blocks For A Truly Connected City


Smart cities today aren't that smart.


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Smart Cities

The smart technologies we need to fix many of the world’s problems already exist, but the siloed deployment and operations of these technologies have resulted in expensive, piecemeal solutions that lack awareness of each other and cannot scale.


At Uncharted Power, we believe that universal access to smart, sustainable infrastructure is a human right. 

To make this a reality, we created the Uncharted System. 


The Uncharted System converts one of the most underutilized assets in a city — the ground — into an industrial IoT platform and a mesh network of nano data centers.

This streamlines the integration, deployment, and operations of critical infrastructure in communities — from power grids and broadband to sidewalks and water pipes.

The Uncharted System is a modular, serviceable paver installed just inches in the ground that enables power delivery, compute, and communications at the edge.

Once installed, the Uncharted System creates a mesh network of nano data centers that provide edge cloud services. These services subsidize the cost of the infrastructure so the financial burden doesn't fall on governments and their communities.


The Uncharted System delivers a single pane of glass dashboard of the integrated data insights flowing throughout the platform. The digital dashboard creates a living digital twin of the community, streamlining the management of all the city’s infrastructure.


The Uncharted System will accelerate the development of smart, sustainable infrastructure for: 

  • Single Pane of Glass Dashboard

  • Critical Data Insights

  • Modular and Upgradeable

  • Reduce Cost of City Services

Power Provider
  • System Hardening

  • Load Balancing

  • DER Integration

  • Predictive Maintenace

Smart Solutions
  • Cloud Native Edge

  • Real Time Data Processing

  • Unmatched Connectivity

  • Edge Workflow Discover



The result is a truly connected city. A city that will often work in ways you can’t see but that you can always count on. A city that works with you and for you to improve everything from health services and digital learning to water filtration and parking.

A city that gives you the security and opportunity

you need to thrive today and tomorrow. 



We've partnered with the historic City of Poughkeepsie in New York to build a first-of-its-kind sustainable, smart community within the city's Innovation District.


New York

“Our partnership with Uncharted Power is an investment in the communities that make-up the great city of Poughkeepsie. Our power and data infrastructure impacts Poughkeepsie resident’s ability to work, learn, and succeed everyday. This pilot program will demonstrate how we can rebuild our local infrastructure to be resilient in the face of new challenges and accelerate growth for our local businesses and residents."

—  Rob Rolison, Mayor of Poughkeepsie



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