We are a power access company. Our hardware and software systems transform the ground beneath us into a smart, secure, and cost-effective Internet for Power

The Uncharted System

The Uncharted System creates an internet for power that can easily interconnect decentralized power applications (residential solar, EV charging stations, IoT sensors, etc.) into one sustainable network, bridging the power access gap between current grid and off-grid solutions.


The Uncharted System consists of three parts: 

Accessible Conduit

The Uncharted Conduit is a structural, hollow paver that enables the safe and secure embedding of technology in the ground at surface level to allow for easy upgradeability. Embedded technology includes but is not limited to power and data cabling, microprocessors, sensors, back-up batteries.


Smart Monitoring

Smart Monitoring consists of:

1. A cable system embedded in the Accessible Conduit that enables reliable power distribution, as well data collection, analysis, and storage.


2. A virtual dashboard that enables real-time, high-resolution monitoring of the embedded power and data infrastructure system, providing critical insights and analytics.



Edge Colocation

Located within the Accessible Conduit, Edge Colocation provides secure space, power, and connectivity for computer hardware, cabling, IoT, and other smart city infrastructure integrations.


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