What We Do

At Uncharted Power, we create solutions that streamline the development and operations of sustainable, smart infrastructure for cities around the world.




And the smart technologies we need to deliver opportunity and security to every person on the planet already exist today

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And the smart technologies we need to deliver opportunity and security to every person on the planet already exist today

The Problem

The modern world has been deploying smart products, not smart cities.

This fractured development of infrastructure has resulted in "smart cities" that aren't actually smart...

Our Solution

Our Uncharted System leverages a community's most underutilized asset: the ground

To bridge the gap between Civil, Power, & Smart City infrastructure.

Why We Do What We Do

At Uncharted Power, we believe that sustainable smart infrastructure is a human right, not a luxury. Founded in 2011, we are on a mission to bring sustainable power grid infrastructure to under-resourced communities around the world. To meet this goal, we have developed the Uncharted System, a paver solution that unlocks the power of communities to build, manage, and scale the critical infrastructure they need for today and tomorrow.

The limits of infrastructure have been increasingly exposed time and time again in recent history. As such, it is critical now to look towards infrastructure as the building block to keep communities physically, economically, environmentally, and socially safe, and healthy.

We desire to bequeath two things to our children...the first is roots and the other is wings

-African provert



Deteriorating infrastructure already costs the United States economy close to $200 billion a year, and if we do not make these needed investments now, they will simply cost us more later. Severe weather events once predicted to happen every hundred years are now present every season, rendering power infrastructure useless and affecting the lives of millions of people, with a disproportionate burden placed on low-income communities. Aging equipment and increasing demands for power, coupled with increasing climate and storm threats, means there will be longer and more frequent outages costing the US economy an (inflation-adjusted) annual projection of $18 billion to $33 billion.

Roughly 39 percent of rural Americans lack access to high-speed broadband, compared with just 4 percent of urban Americans, according to a report from the FCC using 2016 figures. There is an urgent need for investment in smart city technology to remediate the ills of aging power infrastructure.

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