Uncharted Power was founded in 2011 on the idea that embedded power

systems can serve as the foundation for universal renewable energy access. 

Starting first with energy-generating play products, the SOCCKET and the PULSE, Uncharted Power has grown into an award-winning power infrastructure company that develops smart grid hardware and software solutions.


Transforming the ground under our feet, the flagship infrastructure module, the Uncharted System, leverages state-of-the-art pavers with embedded technology, secure conduits and data monitoring and analytics, to power communities, facilities, and businesses.

With more than 13 patents and patents pending, and support from investors and board members like Disney, Magic Johnson, Backstage Capital, BBG Ventures, and others, Uncharted Power is making clean, safe, secure and low-cost power accessible to everyone.

Founded 2011
Offices in Harlem and Poughkeepsie
Team of 40+ Employees, Advisors, and Consultants 
15 Global Patents & Patents Pending

Certified Minority

Business Enterprise

Poughkeepsie, NY.

Harlem, NY.

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