At Uncharted Power, we believe universal access to clean,

reliable, and affordable power should be a human right.


Unfortunately, energy infrastructure challenges are pervasive in both emerging and developed markets. While recent innovations have focused on energy generation or energy storage  to address this industry pain-point, we have found that the lack of improvement in transmission and distribution technologies presents one of the most significant barriers to universal power access.



Much needed energy infrastructure in Sub-Saharan Africa costs an estimated $835 billion to deploy, with $345 billion alone dedicated to transmission and distribution.


On average, there are less than 300 km of transmission lines per million people in Africa, compared to over 800 km in the United States.


United States infrastructure is prone to outages and fires, only to be worsened with climate change. Much of the transmission and distribution in the United States is between 50 and 150 years old.


The American Society of Civil Engineers gave the grid system in the United States a D+ grade.


A projected $5 trillion

is required to fix the country’s failing grid, despite a value of only

$2 Trillion.

In order to meet the needs of growing populations without

compromising the health and safety of future generations,

it is essential to reimagine and rebuild energy delivery.

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