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UPlift is Uncharted Power’s STEM and creative thinking program featuring the company’s energy-generating play products, the SOCCKET and the PULSE, as well as our Think Out Of Bounds (TOOB) curriculum. UPlift uses hands-on, engaging activities to teach principles in creativity, social innovation, and human-centered design. Every participant also creates a rapid prototype aimed at solving a problem in their own community.

The UPlift Kit


The Numbers


In a study of over 135 children, it was determined that there is a 99.9% likelihood that any increase in self-perceived creativity and resourcefulness was due to

The UPlift Program as an intervention rather than chance.

To read the complete study click here

The Reach


UPlift has been taught to thousands of students all over the world, from Iraq to Haiti to Swaziland. We are currently deploying UPlift in New York City, Baltimore, and Puerto Rico.

If you know a school, community center, or camp that is interested in this program, please contact us!


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