The System in its entirety is made to be scalable, modular, and easily upgradeable to grow with the City and its community needs ensuring that it will not become obsolete to the needs of digital infrastructure. The Uncharted System streamlines sustainable power grid infrastructure development by making it easier to:

Build. The Uncharted System can be installed in any paved surface, from sidewalks to highways. Once installed, it serves as a conduit to house power and data cables flush with the ground to avoid the dangers of vulnerable overhead systems.

Manage. The Uncharted System is an accessible conduit with smart power cabling that monitors the health of the power grid at all times. If there is an issue, the System notifies maintenance teams within seconds and a team is deployed to the exact location of the issue. Once the team arrives, a custom tool opens the panel so the issue can be rapidly addressed without the need to rip up the ground.

Integrate. The Uncharted System provides tech-ready space to integrate edge colocation customers such as IoT and telecom companies into the 12 inches beneath our feet, previously underutilized space in a community.

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